by Lady Victoria


From time to time on this blog there is art of a sometimes "pornographic" nature. The owner of this blog doesn't find them to be, "pornographic". He does not find the human body to be disgusting or seen as an object for illogical sexual pleasure. If you have insecurities about the human body, or your own, relies that the human body is beautiful, from the "pornographic" post. There will also sometimes be posts of a questionable philosophical and political nature. Note that if you want to leave a mindless and hateful comment, that comment will be deleted. If however you bring some interesting, and logical points about said confrontation about his political and philosophical beliefs. Then the owner of this blog may find it worthy of his time. There will also be on this blog several references to things the owner don't know. He apology in advance. He only finds them to be humorous and interesting and wants to share with his followers.
(Sorry if I spell something wrong, use the of the wrong words and use incorrect grammar. I'm dyslexic.)
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